Who Are The People Behind Cryptocurrency Invest

Cryptocurrency Invest has been initiated by Steve Robinson, Roy Bonté and Laura Ankersmit. But in time the team of Cryptocurrency Invest has grown. More and more crypto investors join our team as coaches to help you.

On a daily basis they assist with answering all kinds of cryptocurrency investment questions from people from all over the world. At this point in English, Spanish an Dutch, but more languages will be added in the future as the team grows.

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Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is from the United Kingdom

He has worked in many  professions  from sales to carework to pharmacy, an English teacher and Internet marketer before now finding  his passion and love in cryptocurrency .

He decided to trade the UK for Spain in 2014 after getting made redundent in his teaching job in the UK.

Living in a country where the language gave him a challenge, he decided to dedicate his business to English speaking countries over the internet.

He specialised in SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation) and ranking websites by content marketing.

He got interested in cryptocurrency from the start of his online venture and tested the grounds with smaller investments until he decided to make cryptocurrency his main business in early 2016.

Nowadays Steve is helping people all over the world to make an educated decision about cryptocurrency.

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Roy Bonté

Roy Bonté is a Dutch entrepreneur living in Spain. From an early age he has been building businesses and has been investing in opportunities passing by.

In 1998 he decided to trade rainy Holland for sunny Spain looking for some adventure. During his first years there he Built up an impressive hospitality group of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

After the worldwide crisis in 2008, when his hospitality group started to struggle financially because of the effects, he understood that building your life solely on traditional businesses is a huge risk, and he decided to focus himself more on new possibilities.

The internet caught his eye and he decided to become an internet professional. He invested heavily in his education, learning from the best coaches in the world.

He specialised in building automated marketing systems, something he understood from his mentors in the United States, focusing mainly on the Spanish speaking market as they were far behind on the US market. This gave him an advantage and gave him the opportunity to grow into an authority in this field in the Spanish speaking market.

Working online 100% of the time these days, the rise of cryptocurrency was noticed quickly by him and after intensive investigation he decided to specialise himself as a cryptocurrency trader.

Nowadays he focuses 80% of his time on cryptocurrency, by investing himself and coaching starting investors.

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Laura Ankersmit

Laura Ankersmit is from Dutch origin and is a Dutch/English/Spanish translator and teacher. As a mother of 3 children she worked 50% in a traditional way an 50% over the internet from her home in Spain.

Working over the internet got her into contact with people who dedicated their business solely on the internet as internet marketers instead using the internet as a fast way of international communication like she was doing.

She decided to take this possibility serious and has had the opportunity to be trained by some internet marketing legends in the field.

Internet marketing is very different to traditional marketing and she soon realised that this was something she really enjoyed more than translating and as she is a language expert, she has a head start compared to many other marketing experts.

Next to that being able to work completely from home on the internet, gives her the opportunity to spent more time with her children.

In 2015 she got into contact with cryptocurrency and decided to invest in it as it was a perfect fit with her other online ventures.

With her teaching background she enjoys helping other people to understand more about the world of cryptocurrency.