Crypto Currency Invest – The ultimate place for crypto beginners?

For the new crypto investor, this world can seem incredibly intimidating. Not only is there advanced technology to get to grips with, but you also must hold on tight as this industry rapidly evolves, progresses and changes. Whilst there are plenty of websites, blogs and resources out there for the seasoned crypto investor, it seems that little exists to provide a helping hand for complete beginners. Myself, Steve Robinson, alongside fellow crypto investors Roy Bonté and Laura Ankersmit recognised this vast gap in the market – the result of which has been the development of our Crypto Currency Invest platform.


So, what’s it all about… and more to the point, what could it do for you?


A world of uncertainty = A rise in investor interest

When the world faces uncertainty, investments in markets and reserves such as precious metals fair incredibly well. It’s little wonder then that as the EU faces Brexit, the US remains under tenuous leadership and global conflicts continue to rage, that people exactly like you are weighing up their financial options.

This uncertainty, as well as influences such as technological advancement, have fuelled a significant rise in crypto investment; far from slowing down, this market has recently passed a milestone $100 million valuation (as Fitz Tepper recently spoke of over on Tech Crunch).

As the market continues to push forward with some force, industry commentators such as MIT are noting the imminent entry into the mainstream financial markets for cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless (and again, as MIT identifies) this market isn’t quite as straight forward as other investment realms. There are challenges to be understood, such as overcoming unauthorised copying and the issues surrounding the anonymous use of crypto. All of which means that a firm grasp on how cryptocurrencies work is a non-negotiable starting point.


Investing in peer to peer platforms?

The global crisis gave rise to a wave of peer-to-peer lending, saving and investment platforms; and you yourself may have been attracted by promises of 10%+ returns. Yet these investments are not to be taken at face value – many aren’t regulated by any official body, and most provide no safety net for your money – leaving you wholly reliant on a faceless collection of CEOs. If you want to retain power over your investments, and remove the need for relying on small businesses or cash-strapped individuals who seek high interest loans, it’s time to explore the avenue of cryptocurrencies.


Welcome, newbie – your Cryptocurrency income awaits…

Bitcoin is the ultimate success story – rising from a value of $0.003 as of April 2010, to $2,000 + as of May 2017. Millions were made over night, with more than 1000 millionaires made to date (whilst its elusive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is now thought to be worth $1.1 billion).

But we’re guessing that you want to know whether these days have come and gone (as well as getting to grips with the necessary cryptocurrency basics). To find out, head on over to – signing up with just your email allows you access to our invaluable five-part video series.

Ultimately, the CCI platform will help you do what we’ve done – build a reliable income around cryptocurrency, providing you with simple, understandable knowledge.

Once you’ve signed on to watch the full five videos and created your FREE account, you’ll be greeted with an initial video to run you through the back office of the Cryptocurrency Invest platform. With that watched and understood, it’ll be time for your first video.

We provide our training videos one at a time – with a video released each day. We adopt this structure as crypto currency is complex – there’s no escaping this. To counter this complexity, we stagger our content to help you digest all that you’ve learnt.

If you need a handy reminder as  to when the next video is available, simply sign up for notifications (don’t worry – you’ll be prompted about this during the registration process – we like to make things super straightforward!).


And finally… An important note about ‘FREE’ membership

Many websites create smoke and mirrors when it comes to membership, stating that it is FREE, only to request credit card details or put a limit on how long this ‘free membership’ lasts.

Not CCI – membership is completely and totally free, forever (no credit card details taken, ever).


Want to know how to profit big with the crypto currency boom?

Over the course of a five-part video series, we’ll tell you…

It’s NOT too late to profit from the cryptocurrency boom. We know because we each make an income from this market, based on solid knowledge.

Ready to see for yourself?

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